About NodeKit

Three Main Components in {NK} NodeKit

{NK} Scripting

{NK} Scripting is an advanced JavaScript - Native (Swift, Objective-C, C#, C++, Visual Basic) bridge for hybrid applications. It builds upon the core platform bridges such as JavaScriptCore or ChakraCore, but abstracts the implementation details and standardizes across scripting engine families. It is the foundation of {NK} NodeKit and can be used without {NK} Electro or {NK} Core or with substitutes.

{NK} Electro

{NK} Electro is an API for {NK} NodeKit applications that facilitates application lifecycle and user interface tasks. It is inspired by the Atom Electron API, and is generally a lighter-weight but code-compatible subset. It requires {NK} Scripting but can be used without {NK} Core if you dont need all the Node features and just want a lightweight way of building universal desktop and mobile apps, a bit like Cordova but with {NK} Scripting features.

{NK} Core

{NK} Core takes the above a step further and provides a light-weight but fully functional version of Node for {NK} NodeKit applications. It leverages the original Node source for all the Javascript components, but generally backs with different bindings to leverage each platform’s built-in javascript engine(s) instead of the V8 engine. Where possible native code has been moved to Javascript. It requires {NK} Scripting and is generally paired with {NK} Electro as here, but technically you could replace {NK} Electro with your own code or plugin to open and manage the window lifecycle.